AOTW: Allison Soeffker

AOTW: Allison Soeffker

1.) Where you're from? 

A: Jordan, MN
2.) When did you start playing soccer? Why?

A: I started playing soccer my junior year of high school.

3.) What is your major in school or what you want to do?

A: I'm an individualized studies major and I want to become a registered nurse.

4.) A unique fact about you!

A: I love canvas painting.

5.) How did you get involved playing? Why did/do you love it?

A: I got involved playing because my high school brought soccer to my school for the first time and they needed members so I joined and from then on I loved it. Since I'm a goal keeper I can dive and full of dirt and use my hands. I'm really good with my hands and I think being a goalie is perfect for me. Plus I'm 6 feet tall.

6.) Why did you choose to go to DCTC?

A: I chose DCTC because when I met Mark and Chris (the coaches who recruited me) they seemed like they really saw potential in me and saw something successful in me that I've never seen before. They really wanted to use me as a goal keeper and help to make me better. And they did! I also wasn't sure I wanted to do for a career at the point and I wanted to just get those gen eds out of the way. DCTC is really nice and everyone is super nice.

7.) What's your greatest accomplishment personally and as an athlete?

A: My greatest accomplishment as an athlete is probably my confidence as a soccer player. Since I joined DCTC, I've felt more strong and confident in the net.

8.) When will you graduate?

A: I plan on graduating next year.

9.) Is this your first or second your on the team? What do you like about being on the team?

A: This was my first year playing on DCTC  and I've honestly loved every bit of it.

10.) What do you like about being on the team?

A:  My teammates are now some of my really close friends and we are more than just a team now. We are family and it's so awesome. I love how close we got and I'm so excited to play with some of the same people next year!