Sonje Odegard

Sonje Odegard

Where are you from?

Minneapolis, Minnesota

When did you start playing your sport? Why?

I started playing parks volleyball when I was 9 and fell in love with it. I've been playing ever since.

What is your major in school or what career are you interested in?

I am in individualized studies right now and I am planning on transferring to a four year school next year where I will probably focus on a communications major or perhaps a sociology major.

A unique fact about you!

Something unique about me is that I grew up in the house my grandfather grew up in.

How did you get involved in playing? Why did/do you love it?

I got involved in volleyball when I was 9 and something just clicked with me. I love being part of a team where everyone's roles are important. In volleyball I've found it can even be more fun when your teammate makes a great play than when you do.

Why did you choose to go to DCTC?

My senior year of high school I tore my ACL. DCTC offered me a way to recover from my surgery while still being a part of a team and going to a school that fit my needs. DCTC gave me the a chance to be coached my Jen Bowman who is one of the best coaches I've had.

What is your greatest accomplishment on and off the field?

I would say my greatest accomplishment off the court is probably being offered a job assistant coaching club volleyball last year and then being offered my own team this year.

What do you like about being a Blue Knight?

My favorite thing about being a Blue Knight the amazing community that can only exist in a small school. As a Blue Knight I feel welcomed and cared for by all of our staff members.